Tobias Pollard Lightning storm

Lightning strike during May 21st 2018 rain storm heading towards Cypress Tx.

posted: 5/22/18

Roy Dealy Rainbow 3!!

Perfectly lined up after today’s storm.

posted: 5/21/18

Steven Wiechert Rainbow at sunset.

With the light showers falling Monday evening this beautiful rainbow formed over our Woodforest neighborhood.

posted: 5/21/18

Amber Martin Full on Double rainbow!

Full on Double rainbow!

posted: 5/21/18

Anonymous Clouds in Fieldstore (Waller County)

Clouds in Fieldstore (Waller County)

posted: 5/21/18

Art smithwick Highway 6 and 290

Highway 6 and 290

posted: 5/21/18

Joeann Shepherd Fire rainbow

Sunnyday no rain

posted: 4/29/18

jwyckoff Weather in Onalaska, Lake Livingston

Incoming weather

posted: 4/3/18

brinabugg In Baytown right now! At le

In Baytown right now! At least it's not waking up the kids. #abc13eyewitness #texasweather #storm #rain

posted: 3/29/18

Sdeans Sealy Tx. weather

Little heavy rain going through Sealy

posted: 3/28/18